Dear Sister Monique,
Greetings, my husband, Jim Hagerty (57 yrs old), stayed at your convent for several weeks as a child in the mid-to-late 1960's. His father was a U.S. envoy with the U.N. and his mother (Swedish Eva Thoren Hagerty) was there with Jim and his two brothers George and Chris. My husband has vivid memories of an Irish nun working with him in the garden. He was maybe a 10-year-old child ( I am bad with math!) and he still recalls how much he loved her. In 1995 Jim became a Catholic and I think he began his spiritual journey as a child at your convent.
We were wondering if our family of 5 could visit and stay a few days in a very simple setting this Easter or in June, perhaps in the guest area? Do you have any rooms, or should we begin to think of next year?
Our children are ages 12, 15 and 18. We live in the US and we do not have flights confirmed yet for Easter or for June.
Many thanks for any consideration,