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Yad VaShem, the Israeli museum and research center of the Holocaust located in Jerusalem, presents a shocking and fascinating account of one of the darkest periods in the history of the world and the Jewish people

Situated high up on Mount Herzl, which is known as the mountain of commemoration, Yad VaShem is one of the most important and fascinating places to visit in Jerusalem. The institution’s history museum tells of the atrocities of the Holocaust and gives locals and foreigners the opportunity to learn about one of the most horrific events in the history of Western society.

In Yad Vashem’s history museum, you will find, alongside the permanent historical exhibition, the Hall of Names, the Museum of Holocaust Art and the Exhibition Pavilion, which displays temporary art and history exhibitions focusing on the Holocaust and its remembrance. The architecture of the museum itself takes one through the story of the Holocaust, leading visitors along a carefully thought out path that leads you through the various historical stages of the Holocaust.

“All people have a name

that was given by the sea

and given by

their death.”

(All People Have a Name, Zelda)

YAd Vashem Memorial by joshuapaquin (flickr)The journey through the museum culminates in the Hall of Names, which is a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. The hall itself exhibits some photographs and documents on the tall arched ceiling in its center, taken from the immense collection of photos, short biographies and testimonies assembled by the research centre. Not all names have been accounted for and the research centre urges visitors to share whatever information they might have of victims and so support the intricate and immensely important task of commemorating the people who perished during the Holocaust.

Visitors can also visit the Holocaust Art Museum, which showcases works created during the Holocaust, some focusing on the human aspect and others on landscapes and outdoors. This is a truly unique collection that introduces visitors not only to the imagery and artistic ideas that dominated the creations of artists at this trying time, but also gives the actual, physical feel of creating at such a time, both on the emotional and practical levels (scarcity of materials). At a time when people were struggling to survive to the next day, artists went on creating.

Har Herzl, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-644-3400
Open Sun-Wed 9:00-17:00; Thu 9:00-21:00, Fri and Holiday eves, 9:00-14:00; Closed on Saturdays and Holidays
Yad VaShem Website

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